Lucky Sevens Tour Stop

Nearly 70 names appear on the new indie Rock of Berlin Festival. Among the last names on the poster is the legendary Lucky Sevens indie rock band from Ohio.

I bought a handful of albums growing up which I can say heavily influenced me… - Ted Jive

A number of international and European names are added to the program. From the USA comes the new country name Virgo Price and the two Americana songwriters Kathleen Baker & Jeffrey Alman. From New Orleans the festival once again gets a visit from funky Queen Jones & The Harmonics, and from the USA / Canada comes Stan Miller & Anita Donaldson. The Swedish trio Trisphere featuring folk music, and Abigail Hauser are making appearances too – this year along with Christian Avild, Signe Sigmund and Indtrio. Signe Sigmund also gives a solo concert at this year’s festival.

“We have again this year tried to shuffle the cards and present both the more familiar names that have a large audience already and the exciting international upcoming names. Rock of Berlin Festival has a tradition of bringing in new names in and give the audience new experiences each year. This year we have many big names that the audience can only experience here in Berlin. Along with the festival’s famous atmosphere and the audience close contact with the musicians we have a really good recipe for a festival experience second to none, “says Maria Unter, artistic director of the Rock of Berlin Festival.

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