A Rock Show For The Ages

It’s a rainy Thursday in early April, and Kevin Aldritch has posted up at one of his favorite places in New York, a luxuriant hotel owned by Robert De Niro. “I love sitting here in this courtyard,” he says, gesturing through a window at a favored spot that the bad weather is keeping him from. “Usually when you sit here, you sit outside, but it’s fine.”

Today, Thrillers are reissuing their first two albums, 1984’s thrash tour-de-force Kill Kill Kill and its more melodic follow-up, 1986’s Out For a Ride. In addition to remastering the records as stand-alone release, they’ve also created deluxe box sets that contain several discs’ worth of previously unreleased material. The “goodies,” as Aldritch calls them, include unearthed concert recordings, alternate mixes of songs, demos and video interviews, spread across CDs, DVDs and vinyl. Both reissues also include a book containing liner notes and previously unpublished photos.

The reissues herald the beginning of a long reissue campaign – launched last year with the re-release of Thrillers’ Getting Back demo cassette – that will continue through their catalog. After years of planning, Aldritch tells Venue that for now he’s just excited to see the first two major reissues make it into his fans’ hands.

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