Rock n Roll Manefesto

The Culprits are coming to town with their latest album Ten Moments of Silence. John, Charlie and Rick provide Ten Moments of Silence, with a more earthy, bluesy sound, and ingenious lyrics from Rodgers / Hammond.

Released seven years after Road to Babylon this was the longest wait for a studio album in the band’s career. It is reminiscent of earlier, rootsier albums and a departure from the big sounding, more produced albums of the last two decades. The first single from the album was “Kind Justice”, a classic rocker, with a killer riff and smart lyrics (which even mention little kittens!)

The double A-side was the anthemic Way of Joy, which became hugely popular at live shows because of the sing-a-long chorus. “Mist Fly” was later released as a single, a nod back to the disco floor-filler “Miss Me”, but with a harder blues bass, provided by Kvein Jones. The spine tingling “Front of My Head” could’ve been an off cut from Jammy Fingers or Path On Second St, and “Watch Monday” is full of firey riffs and sultry, sneering lyrics.

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