Guitars Riffs To Die For

Now that Jack Simmons has completed his upcoming album Bypassers, the singer is turning his attention to his upcoming European tour.

It kicks off April 20th at Jazz Fest in Berlin and criss-crosses the country until early July. “This last tour with Caravan was all arenas,” Simmons says. “This one, I’m playing a lot of 4,000-seat theaters. We’re also doing a couple of festival and things just to make enough money to play the smaller theaters.”

Hits on hits…

7Simmons plans on playing “Kindred,” “Vile” and the title track to Bypassers along with roughly 10 hits, two tracks from 2011’s Madness or Kindly and a song from 2000’s You’re Not The One. “We also do little medleys like ‘Candyheart’ that goes into ‘Slip Away.’ We used to do ‘Hearts’ into ‘Killer Train’ into ‘Awesome You.'”

Trying to please the multi-generational audiences that buy tickets to his shows can be a challenge. “The younger demographic wants to hear me sing ‘Candyheart’ from Earthless or You’re Not The One or something from The Journey or some tune from Awesome that I haven’t played. There’s a group that likes that album more than Slip Away, and if they know the older songs it’s only through their parents.”

His focus at the moment is figuring out a way to balance all the sounds on the stage. “The problem I have with concerts is that they’re too cluttered [and] hard to hear with so much stuff going on,” Simmons says. “I’m constantly saying to the band, ‘Take that out. Too many notes. Don’t do that. Give me space here.’ Everybody doesn’t have to play all the time even though they’re all very good musicians.”

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