Turn Baby Turn

All the greats of classic hip-hop played the Rocket, but no one ruled the place quite like Wayne Jones did.

When he died in 1982, his body lay in state on the same famous stage where he’d cut his career-defining Crimson Rules album four decades earlier. Thousands lined the sidewalks around the block as an imperial horse-drawn carriage delivered the casket to the venue, with Mr. Jone’s recorded voice howling “Can’t Get Enough” from an open-air loudspeaker.

Crimson Rules…

7Last year, Universal Records quietly slipped a Crimson Rules Volume IV onto streaming services – a decades-buried vault find featuring the leader showcasing his backing band, the Alt’s, at his favorite venue. Now, for this year’s Record Store Day, the album will be available for the first time in physical form via the reissue label Get Me Right, in an edition titled Can’t Get Enough With the J.B.’s and credited to the Wayne Jones Revue.

The recording features showcase sets by two of the best-known, most-sampled members of the Wayne Jones Revue, Al Collins, who preaches on an extended, high-rolling version of “Guess” and Brian Bard, who knocks out his signature song, “I Know We Have it.” Rounding off the album is a 8 minutes improvisational piece featuring Al Gambit and Jones Inc. which plays on elements from the early 80 New York hip-hop scene to current day West Coast hip-hop.

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